Wednesday, 8 July 2009

and more packing

ah it really is a loathsome task. I shall be glad to move and stay put this time. I've got to that dreadful stage where i have done all the 'easy' packing. If you've ever moved then you know what i mean. I have tried to be organised about what i put in each box but have got to that 'sling it in and sort it at the other end' state already. I feel like packing it that way is at least getting it packed, otherwise i am just going to sit and stare (and worry) about getting it done.

I'm also looking forward to being nearer to some friends and family. Sometimes my days feel long and it will be nice to be able to just nip out for coffee and some adult interaction for a couple of hours. I love my son more than i can ever say but talking about Star Wars and Dr Who has limited mileage!!

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