Monday, 9 February 2009


I have had a terrible headache which lingered for three days, making me feel thoroughly rotten and nauseous. Finally got rid of that but think i may have a 'lurgy' as i'm not feeling too great today.
This morning Oz went off to work and then came back again after getting stuck in traffic caused by an accident, and so missing his train. He came home to find two giggling lumps under the duvet as me and Bam were hiding from him :).....with the rather comic addition of Bam pinching his nose and saying 'phewiff it smells!'.......because we have a boys smell/girls are best - girls smell/boys are best chant going on at the minute.
Got up and after a fortifying cup of tea was dragged into Bam's room to play.....but i really felt too ill and weary to be crawling round on the floor making 'stomping things' and spaceships and waging war with them. I sat in Bam's window and saw three hares in the field opposite running and playing. Chasing each other round in circles and then occasionally jumping up so high in the air. Just three little shadows dancing on the bright blank canvas of the snow on the field. Such a simple thing, but it brought a lot of joy to me that i could sit in the warm and witness such a thing. The other night as i popped out the back door this shadow stopped still on the field, i could see it through the gap between hedge and stared at me and stood still and looked back in awe as i realised it was a hare. Then it broke away it's gaze and hopped didn't rush, just slowly hopped away on it's moonlit business.

I have taken Bam back to his daddy's today, horrendous journey both ways with a combination of roads like ice rinks, no screen wash and lorries throwing muck onto the windscreen, rain, fog and then three lorries who didn't move on the return on the ice-rink road meaning that little old me (not a confident driver) had to go onto the verge......a snowfilled verge.....the last time i very nearly got stuck.
The rain that was here when i got home about 4pm has now turned to sleet, and probably will turn to snow overnight. I've had my fill of it is beautiful, and one of nature's reminders that we are at her mercy......will people take that message on board though?

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


well, like lots of other people all over the country we have snow. Bam dragged Oz out in it on Monday morning for a play. He was so excited by it, and kept asking if it was Christmas again! It feels strange to have all this snow and no little boy playing in it while he is at his daddy's. I miss him so very much, and times like this make the pain raw :(

I am stranded somewhat as getting the cars out of the drive is almost impossible, the lane up to the main road is treacherous and i am not at all confident about driving in it. The snow of course messed up the trains too and so Oz spent Monday and Tuesday working from home, but has made it into London today.