Thursday, 24 September 2009

in and how time flies

Well we moved into the house on the very last day of July. The weeks leading up to it were so stressful. Our solicitor messed up, the letting agent where we were leaving was being awkward (and that continued after we left, i will never rent again if i can help it), and we had holiday thrown into the mix too!!
It was left so late we couldn't get removals and had to do it ourselves in a van, with help from very good friends.

So here we are, and once again i have not blogged for ages though i hope for this to become more regular now i am settled in my own home and can find myself a routine.

We've had to put the kitchen on hold which was going to be our first project, to get a staircase replaced. Such a shame to have it removed as it is original to the property but it is too dangerous and steep to use, especially with a child in the house. They will start fitting the stairs on Monday.......

Well Oz will be in from work very soon. It is getting dark out and soon he will be leaving in the morning and getting home at night in total darkness. It always takes a while to get used to and somehow makes our evenings together seem so much shorter.

Autumn and her smells and feeling of 'something' in the air is well and truly here.

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