Wednesday, 30 May 2007

i love automatic cars

i had my first driving lesson in the automatic god, i can't believe i've wasted so much time in a manual! it went really well and i feel like passing my test is actually achievable now!
awful day with Bambam who refused to have a nap this afternoon despite being very tired, so he was grumpy and throwing his weight around. i'm pretty sure he's teething again, pushing those nasty molars through. the front of his t-shirt was wet all day, and he had a really snotty nose.

well i think i'll go and make a cup of hot chocolate........hope i sleep well tonight.

Monday, 28 May 2007

mummy...the word that melts my heart

This week Bambam has finally started to call me 'mummy'.........and it makes my heart melt every time he says it! He's also started saying 'cuddle' when he cuddles us or his toys, and is using his existing vocabulary much more too. We went out on Saturday and had only been at the pub 45 mins when we got a call to come home because Bam had been sick, poor little mite it's the first time he's been sick since he was about 10 months old (and that was heavy posseting rather than sick), and it really upset him. From what mum says it sounds like the sick was brought up with some wind while he was asleep and he panicked and started to choke. He went off to sleep after much burping, and our friend came back to the house so we demolished a box of wine in the comfort of our own home.

My nan is in hopsital, after suffering a severe stroke. She is now unconcious after several fits and the family have signed a DNR, so it's just a waiting game now. She was transferred to Sheffield and i don't know if they are going to move her closer to home, so i may not get the chance to see her again, but to be honest we have never been close. The hard part (emotionally) is that my dad went missing when i was small and we have no way of contacting him to let him know, although after all these years i'm not sure if he would care (it's complicated).

Typical Bank Holiday weather here......rain and wind. I'm trying (and failing) to de clutter the house, but i feel like i'm just moving junk from place to place. Until we find time to car boot it it'll be getting in my way, but we need the money so i can't just charity shop/freecycle it.

Another driving lesson on Weds, switching to the automatic now though because i have a 'deadline' to pass my test by and i just cannot get the hang of the clutch/ works for us because our car is an auto anyway.

well off i go to try and tackle more 'stuff'......honestly i don't know where i accumulate all this stuff from!!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

a sad day

Today we attended the funeral of a dear friend. Taken at the age of 39 by cancer...........

Damn, it's been a hard day. I can't believe he's gone. I don't know what to say.

Daz......i hope the music is good and loud where you are.

Monday, 7 May 2007

first post the first post. What to write? I'm not really sure why i'm doing this blog thing..........but so many things happen every day, just little things and it would be nice i guess to be able to look back at when these things happened. Most likely my blog will have a lot about my son, but for the last 21 months he has been 'my life'. I thought i was prepared for motherhood but the reality has been far from anything i ever imagined or anticipated, in both positive and negative respects. It feels wierd to say that but, yes, not every aspect of being a parent is positive..........anyone who has been there or is there now will understand.

So what happened today? Well, the plasterer came round to do some more work on the kitchen and what a difference it makes, it really changed it from looking like a 'building site' to a (nearly) kitchen. The weather was good, and we took a short trip to the garden centre to buy compost so i could plant my beans out, and also put some of my tumbler tomatoes in hanging baskets. Bambam helped me in the garden, it will be so good when we have the front wall up and he can play out there properly. He really does love being in the outdoors, and especially if daddy is out there working and he can help!!

I have a driving lesson tomorrow (number 3) hope i get a better nights sleep than the last two nights. I seem to be waking in the early hours and really struggling to get back off to sleep.