Monday, 7 May 2007

first post the first post. What to write? I'm not really sure why i'm doing this blog thing..........but so many things happen every day, just little things and it would be nice i guess to be able to look back at when these things happened. Most likely my blog will have a lot about my son, but for the last 21 months he has been 'my life'. I thought i was prepared for motherhood but the reality has been far from anything i ever imagined or anticipated, in both positive and negative respects. It feels wierd to say that but, yes, not every aspect of being a parent is positive..........anyone who has been there or is there now will understand.

So what happened today? Well, the plasterer came round to do some more work on the kitchen and what a difference it makes, it really changed it from looking like a 'building site' to a (nearly) kitchen. The weather was good, and we took a short trip to the garden centre to buy compost so i could plant my beans out, and also put some of my tumbler tomatoes in hanging baskets. Bambam helped me in the garden, it will be so good when we have the front wall up and he can play out there properly. He really does love being in the outdoors, and especially if daddy is out there working and he can help!!

I have a driving lesson tomorrow (number 3) hope i get a better nights sleep than the last two nights. I seem to be waking in the early hours and really struggling to get back off to sleep.


mrsnesbitt said...

Ooh how good is this, to be the first to comment...welcome to the world of blogging!


mother of intention said...

oooooo you popped my comment cherry! thankyou......lets see if i can keep it up!