Saturday, 13 December 2008

outing and dressing up

Today we went to for the Medieval Christmas event.....which ended up being very entertaining indeed as Oz was asked to take part in a demo! The man who usually dresses as an archer was already in costume for another display, so he asked Oz to step in as he was the right size for the outfit. Bam thought it was great fun watching Oz put on the leg armour, special thick fleece jacket, helmet and throat guard (which Oz said was very heavy)....and trying to draw the long bow......
We are going to join English Heritage next year so we can visit lots of historical buildings as we have really enjoyed it, and it will be great to take Bam to lots more events.
Weather here today is dreadful, rain rain rain and coming in sideways because of the wind which is howling round the house.

A night on the sofa calls, and listening to Under Milk Wood which arrived in the post this morning.

Monday, 8 December 2008


oh i'm really not good at this blogging malarkey!!

Since i last posted it's been a mostly normal life, apart from meeting my dad for the very first time.......which was emotional, exciting and scary.

I have had a short weekend with Bam, as his dad is working more at this time of year so i took him back yesterday instead of today and will be collecting him on Thursday.
On Saturday I took him to see Father Christmas and as i thought, once we got in there he was clingy and shy.......wouldn't talk to FC, wouldn't sit with him, wouldn't have his photo taken with him........but at least we tried, maybe next year he will appreciate it more.

Today i have a few bits to attempt in the gives for rain but as it is overcast at the moment it is warmer outside, so i'll try and get an hour or so this morning. Then i need to finish writing Christmas cards, make up the ones Bam helped to create......and then i really need to make a start on wrapping some presents.

Have a sore throat and swollen glands today..........hope it clears up soon, i am starting to get fed up of feeling ill.......