Monday, 6 July 2009

planes and walks

It was the airshow at the RAF base down the road over the weekend. It meant the traffic was very heavy and in fact it was so busy this year that on Saturday the traffic queued for 3 hours and eventually they reached capacity and had to turn people away.
We decided to walk down into the next village and had lunch in the park, and Lemmy had a play while we were there. Then we walked back towards home but popped into the village on the other side of the main road and visited the pub. We sat and had a lovely cold drink in the beer garden. We came home the long way down the Heath Road, where lots of people had parked up and were sat on camping chairs watching the aerial display. We had timed it just right to see the flight by the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane. My that Lancaster is BIG and makes the most beautiful sound.

We've been making a big push on the packing over the last couple of days. The garage is full of boxes so how come the house still feels full of stuff?

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