Tuesday, 23 November 2010

the photos!

This is what we inherited when we bought the house. That is actually York stone, and the mantel shelf is a solid piece of slate. All saved to be re-used somehow.

Stage one of dismantling complete.

Found this in the next layer of brick?

Stage two

Damn Jackdaws!


We took the plywood arch down.

And found a scrap of amazing wallpaper behind it.

And the finished result!

Still need a fire surround making and installing, but we now have a much improved room. Carpet down, furniture in, bookshelves and most importantly a lovely warm woodburner. We've started spending our evenings in here again now instead of the living room!


Yarrow said...

Hi MOI, I adore your woodburner, how cozy it all looks. What a lot of work though!!! I hope you kept that wallpaper, it's a rare artifact, haha!

Bovey Belle said...

Gosh what a difference - I remember the woes of plaster dust only TOO well. Lovely to be WARM now!