Tuesday, 2 November 2010


So....they came to install the woodburner on Friday. Blokes got on with erecting the scaffold. The guys arrived to install the woodburner. The installation guys got up on the roof to start putting the chimney liner in and then i got a knock on the door.

'er.....we can't do it I'm afraid'


The chimneys are not safe. In fact they are leaning quite a lot, and when Oz went up on the scaffold (and how brave! he really doesn't like ladders or heights) he could see just how unstable they were. So yet another delay. The scaffold guys are back tomorrow to put some more up around the chimney stacks, then hopefully later in the week the brickie will be here to start dismantling and then re-building the stacks. The firm who are installing the woodburner currently say they can't do it until the 19th November! We're pushing them to find time to do it earlier. We're also not too happy about paying the call out fee for last week as their engineer really should have queried the chimneys stability when he did the site visit a couple of weeks ago.

We originally got a builder in to look at this job in June and it was supposed to be finished by the end of Sept. That builder let us down *grr* and so here we are in November and still waiting.

Oz has been getting on with painting the walls and I'm really pleased with the colour I chose for the chimney breast. Carpet will be going down on Thursday *fingers crossed* and then at least i can get the furniture back in!

So, still waiting.

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