Tuesday, 23 November 2010


We've said sad goodbyes to two beloved four legged companions in recent weeks.

Our beautiful Kelly-dog.

She was a grand old lady. In August 2009 we very nearly lost her when she collapsed one morning. We rushed her to the vet and after an emergency op she came home with us and made a remarkable recovery. What we discovered as a result of this episode was that Kelly had a very aggressive form of cancer and we were told to expect her to die within a couple of months. Well, never one to conform - she just kept on going. She still loved her walks, still scooted off to munch on fresh horse droppings or find some rotten old bait that a fisherman had left on the bank. She even still eyed up the ducks and swans on the drain, threatening every so often to dive in.......something we discouraged because she was never in a hurry to get out again! and of course the inevitable wet dog smell that would invade the house afterwards!

She actually had three types of cancer diagnosed and it was one of the others which eventually grew back, a lump on her belly. The first one we had removed, but she didn't cope so well post-op so we decided that really was the last time we intervened. The lump did eventually grow back, though wasn't bothering her. In her last days she went downhill quite quickly, physically but not mentally. Her back legs seemed to get weak and the lump suddenly got much bigger. She couldn't lie down and get comfy, and could no longer get up into her favourite armchair. It's the little things like that which make you realise it's time.
That last day we took the dogs for a walk in the morning and she seemed to enjoy it, though she had slowed down considerably. That afternoon we took her to the vet and in our hearts we knew she wouldn't be coming back :(
So it was. I stayed with her while the vet carried out the last act of kindness. So very sad, to hold her in my arms and feel her leave. It was sad but peaceful.
We brought our girl home and laid her in her basket, where she stayed overnight so our other dog would hopefully have some sense that she had gone. The next morning we laid her to rest in our garden and eventually we will plant a tree over her.

I don't have a photo of my other dog on this computer, so if i track one down i'll add it at a later date. Jarvis is the dog that I owned with my ex, my son's father. I got a text at tea-time on Sunday to say that Jarvis had died that afternoon, peacefully. I was obviously upset. Not only because it was so soon after losing Kelly but also because Jarvis had been such a big part of my life. He was the first dog i ever owned. We got him as a pup, and knew both his parents. He was bloomin' hard work at times - a real chewer. He chewed the tongues out of my first ever pair of Dr Marten boots, and had a taste for books *argghh*. He dug the foam out of a succession of old sofas that we had. When I was pregnant with Bam it became obvious that he was too much for me to look after (and would be while i had a small baby) and so the very hard decision was made that he had to go, though thankfully for us my ex's parents agreed to take him in. Letting him go was one of the hardest days of my life, even though i got to see him most days anyway I still felt like i'd let him down. Actually he was in his element down there - loads of space to roam in and a constant stream of visitors who adored him.
My beautiful dog returned to the ex some time ago, when he started to slow down. He'd become an old man in the last few months and I suppose his death was a release for him, but I'm sad I never got to say a proper goodbye.

Both these dogs lived to the grand old age of 14. Both of them had happy lives. They both brought joy and comfort to me in different ways and at different stages on my life and I shall miss them both very much.

So now we just have Ozzie.

What can i say? He's become my shadow since we lost Kelly. They've always been together and so I think he's finding it difficult not having his companion. This dog has defied the odds really in getting to the age of 10......his back legs aren't so good after a serious back problem some years ago and now he's started to drag his feet more so we've bought boots to stop him cutting his toes, though it's going to take some adjusting and fiddling to get them to last! He's a real character, typically labrador (he's absolutely starved, y'know......*rolleyes*) and he is the friendliest dog, he wants to say hello to everyone!

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