Wednesday, 1 August 2007

big day tomorrow

so.....tomorrow is the big day.....i take my driving test!! i'm quietly confident, but not too much so. my attitude is, i drive to the best of my ability and if it is good enough i pass and if it isn't then i fail.
Bam is teething and Andy and i are like zombies.....i'm putting so much of my energy into my driving that i barely have any left for anything else. we're both grumpy and snappy, Bam is getting us up several times a night and then up and full of beans at between 5.30 and 6.30 most mornings. I can handle early arisings, but not when i've had a rubbish night's sleep.
We've decided that we're not happy here anymore....when we bought this house it was our dream, but important things have changed in the few years since we've been here. Some changes have been prompted by parenthood (i knew it would change me, but not how much) but not all, and even though we've decided, it's still hard to know what to do next. Job 1 is to get the house finished and we know where we stand money wise. Then we have to see where go from there....lots of ideas at the moment, but one thing we have decided is no rushing. I want our next house to be just right. We have lots of requirements......and in an ideal world, we'd have them all. But unless i win the lottery this week, it's not realisitic to expect to have them all.
My mum has Bam today....only the second day i have been away from him in nearly two years. She had him on Monday and they had a's quite nice for other people to see the quirky and cheeky nature he has. And also to see why i'm so tired. YES he really is on the go ALL DAY! i can manage to calm him enough for a nap but when he's with other people he's too excited to sleep.....
well i should get ready for work........

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