Monday, 13 August 2007


i'm still trying to find some of the old me, but life is so hectic i feel like i don't get a chance to think anymore.
went to a fantastic party on Saturday and saw an old friend who i have missed a great deal. I've met many people over the years and 'connected' with them on some wierd level i don't quite know how to explain.....but i didn't really understand how important this connection was and i've missed out on so much important stuff in these peoples lives because of that.
I enjoyed the party......the first time in years i've done anything 'solo' so to speak, and i have seriously forgotten how to socialise! I used to have the confidence to go up to complete strangers and introduce myself...indeed some of my very dearest friends were met in that very way! However on Saturday i just couldn't do it....what is holding me back? i do know i've been hurt in the past and maybe i'm restricting people getting close to me to avoid that hurt.
I have to get ready for i have to leave this for now, but i may come back to to it later.


DeeDubya said...

It's true, Ive left that part of my life behind too but the thing is Ive replaced it with something better. I also had a lot of transient friends back then that I thought would be friends forever but really were "of their time"

your best friends are the ones you can not see for ages and start off where you left off when you see them again

Anonymous said...

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