Wednesday, 25 July 2007


we'll see how much i get written......i'm still not finding it easy to concentrate! Glastonbury...........was muddy, and a disappointment really. It cost a lot of money, and the weather meant it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been. It was so hard to get the pushchair around site, especially when it got muddier and everyone was walking on the paths to avoid the welly sucking consistency...and eventually it got so deep in most places that we couldn't let Bam out of the pushchair to run around. The people don't seem as friendly either, on the Sunday i took Bam for a walk round while Andy took our stuff to the car (we packed up and headed home on the Sunday) and on a few occasions i ground to a halt in the mud......and only once did anyone come to help, the other times people just looked on as i struggled. I don't think we'll go again, especially while Bam is so small.....maybe in future years when he's about 10. We're going to try some smaller and less commercial festivals next year.....quite frankly the BBC have completely ruined Glastonbury with the over zealous plugging of it, and they concentrate on all the commercial Radio one shite when it is about so much more. Well it used to be, i think they are slowly squeezing the individual style out of it.Actually i'm not convinced i'll ever much i love about it has changed.
Neighbour..............the neighbour owns, but doesn't live in, the terrace which shares a boundary wall with our house. He's always been a niggly old sod, but for the most part we've always got on. Recently we built a raised bed on our garden (which is the size of a postage stamp) and we made sure it was not touching his wall, so as not to cause damp but he moaned about it, so we took it out. I lost all my carrots, lettuce, spinach, and spring onions :( .He also has a gate in the wall, which means he has to come across our garden to use it. He doesn't need it for access as he can get round the back of the terrace, but obviously it's a shorter route. Anyway he NEVER knocks on the door to tell me (ask me for that matter) that he's dragging ladders/christmas trees etc across my garden and through the gate......and now i have a small child i don't really want neighbour coming and going as he pleases. When he started moaning about the raised bed we asked him about the gate and he swears he has legal papers saying he has a right of access, but as yet (some two weeks later) he hasn't produced them. We now have to get solicitors involved as we need to put a front wall up (to make it safe for Bam, and also to fulfill a condition of planning) and we also want to block this gate off.....and i want to make sure it's above board.We can't afford to do it all then take it down because he produces papers giving him access.

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