Monday, 9 March 2009

weekend fun

Saturday was Oz's birthday, he had his presents in bed including a book about dog behaviour and what it all means which he was very pleased with! We spent the morning at home, pottered about the house and went for a walk down the lane. We don't usually go as far when we don't have the dogs but i wanted to see the wooded bit right down the bottom to see if there was anything interesting growing there, from a foraging point of view. Looks like it will yield for nettle soup, but that's about it!
After lunch we headed over to the Farm Park for Oz's birthday treat. Bam said he was going to stroke a pig but when it came to it the pig turned it's head just as Bam was about to stroke it's back and it frightened him a little, but then they are such big creatures and i suppose to a three year old it must be quite intimidating. I did get some photos but for some reason i didn't get a lead for my phone to transfer pics and i can't bluetooth them onto my computer. They have a beautiful curly haired Suffolk Mare......she is huge, and lovely dark chestnut colour. They had lambs of course, and one was all curled up in the feeding trough! We wandered over to the lambing pen where there are lots of ewes ready to give birth any day and Bam gave me a serious talk about how the sheep will poo the baby out, complete with actions.....oh we did laugh!!
They have lovely chickens too, some beautiful varieties....but my memory is bad and i can't remember names. My favourites are the black and white ones with very distinct markings.
Bam was eager to get inside to the soft play, so off we went and he ran off energy for an hour and a half while Oz and i sat and had a cup of tea. Then home and i made a party tea for Oz of sandwiches and biscuits and of course the cake that Bam and i had made for him that morning, with icing and sprinkles courtesy of Bam (that any icing made it to the cake is a miracle in itself)......

Yesterday we weren't sure what to do. Glorious sunshine and wind in the morning meant my washing machine saw some action. We were going to go for a walk in the woods, but then i found out that the Museum of Lincolnshire Life and Lincoln Castle were free entry so we went into Lincoln and had a look round. We've been to the Castle before, but Bam and Oz haven't been to the museum and i haven't been since i was a girl. It is a lovely, sweet little musuem....the domestic side of it interests me, the old kitchen with it's range and hand cranked accessories, the laundry room with a great big brick boiler in the corner that would have had a fire lit underneath, and a row of flat irons all different sizes. The boys were more interested in the tanks, steam engines and old farming machinery. I understand why they don't want people interfering with this old stuff but it was such a shame to have to curb Bam's enthusiasm by telling him he couldn't touch or sit on the old tractors.
Today it is bright and windy so more laundry......this weather is great, i get to the bottom of the laundry basket and all those things that don't get washed because work shirts are more important. Oz is playing upstairs with Bam as i type this, they have been building tunnels with big Lego and playing at trains and i think Oz might be reading Bam stories now. Need to think of somewhere to go this afternoon as i like to have Bam out and about at least half the day........

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