Thursday, 18 September 2008

time and tide

i'm a bit rubbish at this blog thing.......but i've been so busy with other stuff this has been at the bottom of a very long list.......

I have moved, again. But this is it for at least a year now. We have a beautiful cottage down a lane with only two other houses. A big garden out the front, outbuildings for our mountain of belongings and a patch of garden out the back which we are digging over to turn into a veg patch. I can't wait for next year to be eating our own produce.
The downside of it being rented is not being able to do exactly what we would like to the property and gardens, but i am so grateful to have found such a beautiful place to live.

Bam has started nursery this week and by all accounts he loves it!! but then he is a very sociable child so that doesn't surprise me.

Well, i feel a bit down this week....and lethargic , so am being kind to myself and not pushing too hard on the domestic front. However we have glorious sunshine outside today and so i'm making the most of that and pottering about in the garden. It is so overgrown that actually it's an overwhelming task trying to tidy it, but i'm doing a little here and there and eventually it will start to look much better. I do loathe couch grass though......the damn stuff gets everywhere......

well posties just been, and delivered a lamp i bought for Bam's room and also the first of my christmas shopping!

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