Tuesday, 22 July 2008

so......what happened?

well the short version is that i left the man i had lived with for 14 years, and with whom i have a small child (will be his third birthday in a couple of weeks!)..........it's been hard, with lots of soul searching but now i'm happier. It's very hard, harder than i can say in words, not being with my son every day. We have to do what's best for him though and that is making sure that he gets equal time with mummy and daddy. Because his dad works away at weekends i have ended up in the rather unusual position of being a weekend mummy, which currently means having him Friday afternoon through to Monday afternoon..........but when he eventually goes to school that time will be reduced and i'm finding that thought unbearable.

in more recent events..........a few weeks ago i found a lump in one of my breasts. I went to the GP who referred me to the Breast Clinic and (after changing the appt because it clashed with holiday) i went yesterday. They found the lump (because it has been a bit elusive) and decided to do a biopsy. While doing it half the lump disappeared, so they took the rest out and said it is/was more than likely a cyst. They will phone me on Tuesday to let me know for sure.

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