Friday, 23 April 2010

The Good Life

Ah yes.....the blog. This bloomin' thing stops and starts doesn't it. I just rarely have the inspiration to write. But today has been a great day and so i decided to just sling the words at the screen. Maybe if i try and do a weekly blog it won't be so daunting as trying to get on daily?

So today......the weather this afternoon has been absolutely glorious and we have spent time out in the garden. With a late spring everything is going in much later than usual. Partly due to lack of motivation I must admit, but then having got up to ice on the car windscreen two days in a row i think that may have been a blessing in disguise.

The garlic that went in at the end of last year is growing really well. There won't be nearly enough to be self-sufficient on it until next year's crop, but will probably do us six months. I've got spinach, beetroot and carrots looking promising as well as some salad crop. Some things i sowed never germinated, and so i have got boughtens......the aubergines didn't manage even one :( but it's the first time i've tried them.
I've finally got the potatoes in today......really, really late. Have been waiting on the ground being prepared for them though. We've had a lot of clearing to do in this garden to make space for growing food and so I think next year we will do much better.

I heard a rustling in the greenhouse and discovered that we have a critter! A little mouse.....Bam was creeping quietly in and whispering to it 'We won't hurt you, it's ok you can come out' we're going to have to dispose of this little creature when he's not here. I can't afford to have my crops nibbled by country mouse!

Bam has started making a Dalek out of a box and some bits and bobs he found in the shed. He has a slight obsession with Dr Who.....i shall photograph this delightful creation when it is finished and post the picture here.
He's all tucked up in bed now......Oz is cooking a curry and I am sat in front of an open fire (it's been very chilly in the evenings) with a glass of home-made sloe gin and tonic warming my insides.

It really is a Good Life :)

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Jal said...

Ha, never set yourself a target for number of posts to write, you never keep to it and then you feel frustrated and post even less. Once you come back of your own choice the juices will just flow...