Friday, 27 November 2009

the earth turns

I went to collect Bam from his dad's today......his dad mentioned something he had said the other day. It was along these lines......

'Daddy,if i was on the moon, and if the moon is spinning.....if i walk very fast will i stay in the same place?'

Then in the car on the way home

'Mummy......on the opposite side of the world, when we have the sun they have the moon. It's light here and dark there'

On a Monday before i take Bam back to his dad's we go to a Home Ed group. We've been having a lady from a goverment funded music programme coming in. Bam has really enjoyed that, but he is immersed in music in both his homes and regularly makes up songs. This Monday just gone the group had a visit from a Morris Man. We all sat round in a circle and sang some songs, the children suggesting words and rhymes for the verses. They had a go at playing the accordian and the spoons, and then the older children learnt to do some Morris Dancing. Bam thoroughly enjoyed the whole session! Every day that goes by with him we are more convinced that our decision to Home Ed this bright, spirited young man is the right one.

This week for me has not been a good one. I've been full of cold (Oz took us to Home Ed on Monday because i was too ill to drive) and on Tuesday morning i managed to fall down the stairs. I ended up in A&E (courtesy of the Taxi of Mum and Dad) but x-rays show no serious injury and so i am sporting a somewhat tender behind (yes! i bounced down 5 steps on my bottom) and can almost laugh at it now.......

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