Saturday, 31 January 2009

*ppeks round the door*

oh i really am rubbish at this aren't i?

Since i last posted we've had Christmas which was a busier affair than usual. I collected Bam from his dad's late on Christmas afternoon. We visited my parents for pressies and a buffet tea, then home and a bit of quiet time before bed! Boxing Day was the day we did presents with Bam.....he opened his tool bench first and demanded it was put together and wasn't interested in opening anything in the meantime! After that was done and dusted we popped out to see friends, who had lots of other friends visiting. I think us arriving with a noisy toddler was most welcome seeing as they were all suffering just a little from overindulging the night before.....*evil laughter* and so our work there was done. The day after Boxing day we set off for the Isle Of Wight to see Oz's family. Bam did remarkably well as our journey involved being stuck in dreadful traffic on the we missed the ferry we were supposed to be on. When we eventually got to the ferry terminal Bam announced 'i am cited about going on a boat' and bless him he really was excited. We established that the buoys were in fact Dalek rockets that had had the tops blown off and that Darth Vader lives in the fort out in the sea......oh and i did my motherly duty by telling him the seaweed floating in the sea was shark bogies *lol* and Bam was sure he saw an octopus......ah the imagination of a child!!
We had a great time on the Isle of Wight and after a couple of days there we came home.......
Then to New Years Eve which Oz and i spent in Bradford with a group of very good friends!

The new year has got off to a quiet start, just the usual......and last night we went up to Manchester to see Half Man Half Biscuit play which was a fantastic night's entertainment. Feeling tired now after a late night and not much sleep thanks to a very uncomfortable hotel bed, with the thinnest duvet i've ever seen. I shall be pleased to get into my own very comfy bed tonight with my great big snuggly winter duvet!

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